UniMity PeoplePower

UniMity PeoplePower is a comprehensive solution to build and nurture active & vibrant communities for people in the organisation. The platform leverages the emerging trends in social media networks and would enable members to connect, express, discuss, share, collaborate and engage with each other. The participation and interactions on the platform creates strong bonds within the members of the community and results in a greater sense of belonging with the organisation.

UniMity PeoplePower fully exploits the levers that contribute to the voluntary participation and viral growth of social media networks:

The Power of Content

"Content" refers to all the exchanges, information and activity that take place on the community platform. Members come for content - news and information about what is happening in the enterprise, and what is happening to the people in the community.

To facilitate lively and engaging content and member activities, UniMity PeoplePower provides the following Content Zones and Activity Zones:

  • News & Editorial Content - Specific information and articles can be contributed by dedicated editorial teams, with workflow for content submission/review, support for audio, images and video uploads to the portal. News on all the events and happenings within the community, member activities and achievements can be highlighted. Portal announcements and updates would also get covered in this section.
  • Zones like Creative Corner, Blogs & Micro Blogs enable members to express themselves and share their professional and personal knowledge and experiences with the community.
  • The Wisdom of Crowd zone facilitates members to ask questions and get answers for official and non-official issues and situations from the community. An informal platform, this helps individual members to gain from the collective knowledge of the community.
  • Discussion Forums provides a zone where members can freely exchange views and opinions on various topics of interest.
  • These zones together generate a Knowledge Base which can be of tremendous value to the organisation.

The Power of Connect

Though people join a community and start visiting for the content, they quickly start to connect with their own interest groups and friends. Quite often, the ability to meet and interact with new people, make new friends and acquaintances and the richness of these interactions keep members coming back.

UniMity PeoplePower provides specific zones and activities that ensure that people start to connect with other across the organisation based on similar interests.

The Groups feature works at the heart of UniMity PeoplePower. Members can form Interest Groups and maintain discussions and activities focused on the common interest.

Polls provide an excellent means for the management to collect opinion and feedback from the community on various plans, programs and initiatives. Applications like Bazaar, Car Pool, etc. would enable members to leverage the power of community in non-work-related areas too.

People in different geographic locations can get to know each other and stay connected. Members are encouraged to create Rich Profiles in UniMity PeoplePower. This helps other members to connect with them based on location, department and interest. While UniMity PeoplePower's Recommendation Engine makes informed suggestions, the People Search allows members to be discovered.

The Power of Contribution

As much as members "consume" content, they start to "contribute" content too. This aspect of contribution increases their sense of identity with the community and they get more committed to the group.

UniMity PeoplePower provides "leader boards" and "tag clouds" to accord recognition to active members, thereby acknowledging their contribution and increasing their participation in online initiatives.

Many of these active members would become strong advocates of the community portal and ardent spokespersons for the organization.

UniMity PeoplePower incorporates compelling and unique features that contribute to increase in participation and ensuring that the community is active and vibrant.

Ease of Access: People can be directly logged into UniMity PeoplePower through the intranet in the organization (Single Sign-on process).

Ease of Participation: The platform is accessible through a Desktop Browser, Desktop Widget and Mobile Phones & Tablets. Content submitted by members can get auto-published on the portal and no programming intervention is required.

Editorial Workflow & Moderation: The platform provides for an editorial team in the organization to be able to review content and publish them in different zones if they choose to. Content can be moderated by the editorial team to ensure that no objectionable content is published on the portal.

Analytics & Stimulation Engines: UniMity PeoplePower provides a comprehensive Analytics and Stimulation mechanism which facilitates monitoring and stimulating Visitation, Participation and Advocacy - the three most important parameters of an active and vibrant community.

The Analytics Engine generates reports that track each of the parameters in comparative tables and charts to measure the activity levels during any time period. The administrator can use these reports to plan activities and promotions that would encourage members to visit, participate and advocate.

The Stimulation Engine makes intelligent use of the analytical data and events in the system, to automatically generate Recommendations, Notifications and Alerts to the members. The data collected over a period of time from the members' interest, activities and contributions are used to present content and updates that are most relevant to each member.

Benefits to the Enterprise

The benefits of UniMity PeoplePower for the enterprise are substantial and varied.

  • Enhanced Connect - By creating a social media platform, stakeholders in any part of the world would be in a position to stay fully informed, connected with each other and connected with the enterprise.
  • Closer to the People - The enterprise would be able to listen to the voice of the community and hence would be able to understand the pulse and respond to the needs of the community.
  • Faster Feedback - The enterprise would be able to get immediate feedback, views and opinions from the community, on various new plans, programs and initiatives.
  • Wisdom of the Crowd - The enterprise would be able to capture the "wisdom of the crowd" and access the knowledge and wisdom that resides with the members of the community. Community members would be able to provide answers and solutions for the queries, issues or problems that may be raised by other members.
  • Sense of Identity and Sense of Belonging - A strong sense of identity and a sense of belonging would get created between the members of the community and the enterprise.
  • Community Members as Spokespersons- Ardent members of the community would become spokespersons for the enterprise, its products and services.
  • Superior Performance - The closer interactions, participation pan-organisation, creates deeper engagement and involvement of the people, resulting in a strong sense of belonging which in turn stimulates superior performance levels.